• High School Prep Hockey Invitational (Dec 2016; April 2017)BOYS and GIRLS. U11, U12, U13, U15, U17, U19. Competitive levels: A/AA/AAA...
  • BOYS 15-18 A & BOYS 15-18 AA/AAATwo SENIOR Boys divisions to offer a 'real-competitive" tournament to student athletes...
  • U11, U12, 12-14 A Co-Ed (U13) and 12-14AA (U15) InvitationalFour JUNIOR divisions for institutions to develop young elite prospects...
  • GIRLS Tier I & Tier IITwo Girls divisions to develop young elite prospects...
  • Need CounselingSurf this web site to learn more about the route a student athlete can choose to achieve his/her personal hockey goals...
High School Prep Hockey Invitational (Dec 2016; April 2017)1 BOYS 15-18 A & BOYS 15-18 AA/AAA2 U11, U12, 12-14 A Co-Ed (U13) and 12-14AA (U15) Invitational3 GIRLS Tier I & Tier II4 Need Counseling5
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High School Hockey Invitational

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Boys & Girls Hockey (4-5 Dec 2017 & 4-6 May 2018) 

Boys and Girls will be competing at this hockey tournament in Kingston, On, CA in 2017 and 2018. More than 800 teams participated in this classic between 2010-2017... click here to register.

3 Games Guarantee... Different Divisions to Guarantee Top Level Competition... "Competitive" tournament... Evenly Matched Teams... Top REP Officiating... Experienced Bilingual College Tournament Staff on Site... Champions and Finalists' Awards...  Most Valuable Player Award... High School All Stars Teams... All Games (stop-time periods)... First Class Hotels... "Tournament runs on time"...

Our vision is to help student athletes to participate in a "well-organized tournament" and to compete with determination, respect, and dignity! We are educators involved in the development of a "well-organized" high school tourney as we run this major sports event with OBJECTIVITY and PROFESSIONALISM. We have no team involved in our sports event.

Each team will be guaranteed three games (possibility of five) with enough off time to enjoy activities occurring during this event. Several divisions assure all players of comfortable yet competitive play for all skills and experience levels. We promote skilled players to Junior/College coaches that attend our event.

Colleges and Junior coaches are invited to attend to scout talented prospects participating in this competitive hockey tournament... more about counseling the young student prospect.

We will like to welcome all coaches, boys, and girls to our hockey tournament in Ontario, Canada. If you have not yet registered, please do it soon as we have limited space!

Ryan Thompson, Director

Dr Armand St-Pierre, Co-Director/Registrar


Major Participants/Supporters

Top Prospects Coming to the NAHSHPS

Prospects Elite Hockey Showcase

Tourism Kingston

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