College Route

You are a prospect hockey player and you will like to pursue the College route. This diagram below helps you to understand the major hockey steps that a player may have to go though over time to access Pro Hockey (NHL as an example). More and more players graduated from Colleges will play Pro Hockey in the future:

They are some benefits to choose the College route:

  • Intensive off-ice training to offer the development of athletic abilities.
  • On-ice training to improve and to develop the technical and tactical aspects of hockey playing (less weekly games).
  • Good and/ or “high-level” of game competition (you have to choose the best Prep school, for example).
  • Best route to obtain an education. Education is a priority and it is not compromised.
  • Normal development for an player who wants to enjoy a “social-cultural-educational” life.
  • Scholarships pays for a great education.
  • Players are not drafted for Colleges.
  • The presence of more educators needed to develop a student-athlete.
  • Others (community involvement; time to play other elite sports like soccer; etc.).
  • You are not traded during your College hockey stage.