Counseling and Development exists to help all young male and female students function more effectively in the hockey community and to address relevant issues surrounding “high school prospect” (HSP). Our strategic goal is to provide students with information and opportunities for self examination so they can make enlightened decisions and thereby define and accomplish their personal hockey goals. Simultaneously, we promote and support the development of a comprehensive hockey process that offers each HSP the opportunity to realize his/her optimum potential. Please contact us if you like advices about what is the best road to take to become a smart hockey athlete!

You are a high school prospect who wants to play elite hockey after leaving high school. From time to time, you and your parents/tutor have questions about:

  • Why become an Elite Hockey Player (EHP)?
  • What is the amateur scout or college coach looking for in term of hockey skills?
  • What are the key attributes of an “Overall Prospect High School Athlete” to look for?
  • What type of hockey training programs should I undertake during the spring or summer?
  • Can I get a good education while playing a good “competitive-level” of hockey?
  • What is the role of a parent/ coach?
  • Others (conditioning, Route to take: College or Junior, etc.)

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