Scouting Prospects


We encourage any College/University/Junior coaches/scouts to attend our event to scout talented players. Registrars and scouts can distribute academic and athletic brochures to students interested in their programs during our event.

This sport event gives the opportunity to players, parents, and college representatives to connect with each other in an ‘educational-sport environment’ in Kingston, On, Canada.

We encourage any junior or academic coaches/scouts to attend our event to scout skilled players while promoting their athletic and academic programs. Scouts participating in our sports events will receive team rosters to help them to watch skilled athletes. This occasion will be a great opportunity for scouts to meet high schools coaches and our scouting staff to discuss athletic attributes of the high school prospect. They will be able to assess the “real potential of the athlete” during this “high-competitive” event where body contact is allowed for older levels.

You will be able to set up boots where the student athlete can visit during the sport event to learn more about their hockey and academic programs. If possible, representatives from these academic institutions will do short presentations about the “day-to-day” life of a student athlete in their own academic and sports setting.

The philosophy of our high school tournaments is to enhance positive academic and hockey outcomes while becoming a mature student athlete that will be able to perform at the next level while graduating from high school.

Contact us if you like to notify in advance of your presence…